Project Darter Bird


Welcome to Project Darter Bird

Welcome to Project Darter Bird, a blog series that gives you an in-depth view of our journey to build Australia’s first hydrogen-powered plane. Named after the Australasian Darter Bird, we believe the famous Australian waterbird perfectly represents our ambitions to construct the country’s first carbon-free aircraft.

We see a lot of synergy between Aviation H2 and Darter Birds, which fly nearly 2,000 kilometres or more each year and are primarily found in water, just like our fuel source, hydrogen. We are proud to say we expect to have a hydrogen-powered plane in the air in the next 18 months. Over this period, our Board of Directors will write regular entries that give you a front-row view of Project Darter Bird.

Our goal is to provide behind the scenes access, so you can see the step by step process of developing an emissions-free aircraft. If you would like to be the first to receive updates on Project Darter Bird, make sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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