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Aviation H2’s goal of bui;ding the world’s first liquid ammonia powered plane is coming to fruition, with the construction of our first modification prototype on track to completion.

We have successfully completed our feasibility study and will soon start modifying turbofan engines to test and prove the concept.

The results from our studies were very positive, showing that modifying a Falcon 50 to Liquid Ammonia Turbofan Combustion is the most efficient and commercially viable avenue to converting a plane to hydrogen fuel.

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Once we execute a succesful test flight, we will have a patentable method for modifying aircraft so they
operate on carbon-free fuel.

Who We Are

Aviation H2 is an Australian-owned company seeking to achieve net-zero emissions in the aerospace sector through green hydrogen . We are revolutionising the aviation industry through technology that makes green hydrogen-powered aeroplanes a possibility for a sector contributing a significant amount of CO2 to global emissions.

As the world turns to green energy, we believe our state-of-the-art technical solutions will play a pivotal role in decarbonising the transport industry. Our mission is to empower companies, both domestically and internationally, through renewable hydrogen, helping them transition to a sustainable energy strategy.

We have assembled a trusted team of globally renowned experts, who have laid the foundations for a business posed to provide Australia with a new and scalable, internationally competitive sector.

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