Aviation H2 discusses decarbonising the aviation industry with Federal Politician

Aviation H2 recently met with the Federal Member for North Sydney, Kylea Tink, to share the Company’s mission to develop a commercially viable avenue to decarbonising the aviation industry.
In the discussions, Aviation H2’s Director & Principal Engineer, Dr Helmut Mayer, outlined why he believes the carbon-free economy will be built off multiple fuels, including hydrogen and ammonia.
Aviation H2 will continue to be a strong advocate for the urgent need to find a carbon-free solution for aviation.
Aviation H2 anticipates it will play a major role in guiding the sector through the carbon challenge as its conversion model is tracking to be one of the first economically viable solutions to market.
Currently, Aviation H2 is finalising the modification of a test engine so it runs on liquid ammonia, the Company’s hydrogen carrier of choice.
Once complete, Aviation H2 will run rigorous testing processes to optimise performance.
Following this, the Company will purchase a Dassault Falcon 50, which it will convert to its liquid ammonia turbine for a test flight.


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